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We invite all attorneys to try cars4colorado. We believe that we offer you a better service than most so-called "fleet" buying services for new cars.

We offer lower prices, and we do not charge any fees at all. We have no transaction fees, no retainer fees, no fees for handling trade-ins, no extra fees for leases, and, as always, you never pay any dealer handling fees. There is no reason why you should have to pay high fees to get a low price.

Our service is lower priced, and we believe it is faster and easier as well. Please give us a call and find out!


Mercedes Offer

If you are a member of the American Bar Association, Mercedes-Benz is now offering you extra discounts to buy or lease a new Mercedes. You may use the extra discounts for only one new car each year. The specific incentives for each model can be found by clicking here:

Mercedes Incentives.

NOTE: You must be a member of the AMERICAN Bar Association to get the incentives, not just a Bar Association in Colorado. 

To get the discount, you must have an ID and password to access the ABA website. Go to the Mercedes page:

ABA Mercedes Program

At the bottom of the text, click on "Sign in to get savings." You must sign in to the ABA website as a member.

You will be directed to fill out a form called the "Executive Allowance Bonus Incentive Form." When you fill out this form and submit it, it goes to a person in the ABA who will then contact you within 2 or 3 days to give you a Control Number. You must have the control number before you can receive the discount.

NOTE: You will need to fill out the form at least a couple of days before you buy the car. You must give the dealer your control number before you sign papers in order to get the discount.

Remember, you can save even more money by buying or leasing your new Mercedes at a fleet price through our service!