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WHY WORK WITH cars4colorado?

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There are at least four reasons to work with us to buy your next vehicle:

  • We offer free consultation.
  • There is no hassle at all.
  • You get the best deal.
  • It takes the least amount of your time.

Free Consultation

If you would like some help deciding which car works best for you, we would be happy to provide as much help as we can over the phone. There is no obligation, and it is completely free. We never charge any retainer fee.

One of the big advantages of working with us is that we are not tied to any dealership or any make. We can give you completely unbiased information on any car, because we have no particular interest in one make versus another.

If you are trying to decide between two or three cars, it is easy for us to find out what pricing and incentives are available for each car. Let us do the leg work. Then all you have to do is decide which one you like the best.

Often, the choice between financing or leasing a car is not clear cut. Some cars lease better than others. We would be happy to work with you to help you determine the best way to buy a particular car or, perhaps, if it makes more sense to consider a different car entirely.

Over the past few years, there have been many instances where it made much more sense to buy a new car rather than a used car. If you are considering a used car, we would be happy to give you an idea of the relative advantages either way.

No Hassle

Our goal is to make your car-buying experience as easy and as pleasant as possible. We want you to be so impressed that you will come back to us to buy all of your cars in the future, and you will also want to refer your friends and family as well.

We work over the phone. You don't have to spend the time to go to a dealership just to get pricing.

For any new car, you automatically get broker pricing. There is no back-and-forth battle with a manager you never meet, and there are no games. The price is the price.  

The same goes for the financing. If you finance or lease your vehicle, you don't have to go through another round of negotiations in a "business" office.

If the car you want is not available at one particular dealership, we can arrange to bring a car here from from anywhere in the country. Dealers will usually try to get you to buy something they have on their lot. We prefer to get you the car you want.

There is never any pressure to buy anything right now. We want you to be comfortable with the price and the service before you commit to anything.

For used cars, we describe the car and give you the price over the phone. If the car sounds like it might work for you, then you go see it.

Best Deal

We can get you any vehicle - any make, any model, new or used - and we can get it from whichever source has the lowest prices. When necessary, we get cars from out of state, either because of availability or pricing. 

We get you the lowest possible price. For new cars, you get broker pricing, which is based on actual dealer cost, not some discount from MSRP. For used cars, we offer you the opportunity to buy a car at auction pricing, which saves you thousands of dollars over dealer prices. Whether new or used, you never pay dealer handling charges.

We get you the lowest possible financing. Whether you lease or purchase, we make sure you get the lowest possible rates so that you get the lowest possible payment.

If the finance or lease rates from the car manufacturers are the best choice, we can provide you with those rates as well.

We get you the best-possible value for your trade. We contact several potential buyers for every trade so that we can guarantee to get you the highest possible price for your trade.

Least Amount of Your Time

Our goal is to make your car-buying experience as easy and pleasant as possible, while requiring as little time and effort from you as possible.

When you start the process of buying a car through our service, we will spend several minutes on the phone so that we can determine exactly what you want for your next vehicle.

We will then spend the time necessary to find the car you want, whether the car is in the state or out of state. 

Once we have found your car, we have your paperwork prepared and make sure your car is ready for you to pick up.

Other than talking with us on the phone, you don't have to do anything until your car is completely ready. Usually, you will spend less than half an hour completing paperwork and picking up your car.