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Broker Pricing on New Cars

Broker pricing is very straight-forward. It is based on actual dealer cost, not on some discount from the sticker price. 

When you buy a new car through our service, you will save more than $1,000 compared to dealer pricing for almost any car. First of all, you do not pay any dealer handling charges, which saves you several hundreds of dollars for any car to start with. Then, broker pricing saves you even more. For some luxury models, you could save thousands of dollars!

Please call us for pricing on the specific model you want.  

Note that even though you get broker pricing working with us, you also still get any rebates, incentives, special finance rates, and special lease deals available from manufacturers.

Note also that broker pricing is important even if you plan to lease your new car. If you are interested in leasing, let us quote a lease payment for you. Our prices can lower a lease payment as much as $50 to $100 per month.


Auction Pricing on Used Cars

First of all, if you are considering a late-model used car in order to get a lower price than a new car, at least ask us about broker pricing for a new car as an option. It is frequently the case that the difference in price between new and late-model used cars is small enough that it makes more sense to buy the new car.

Because we are not tied to any particular dealership, we can get used cars from whichever source offers the lowest price, including dealers, private parties, and auctions. We can get used cars from anywhere in Colorado, and we can also get them from out of state.

Generally, dealers and private parties do not offer the best prices, but sometimes there are exceptions, such as when a specific car has been sitting on a dealer's lot.

Usually, if your schedule is somewhat flexible, the best place to buy a used car is at a wholesale auto auction. There are tens of thousands of cars running through dozens of auctions each week. While the auctions are restricted to wholesale buyers and are not open to the public, if you work with us, we can buy a car from any one of the auctions for you.

If we buy a car at an auction out of state, it may take several days for the car to get here. However, if you can work with us on timing in order to get a car from an auction, you will usually save thousands of dollars over getting the same car at a dealer lot. Note that most of the used cars on dealers' lots were bought at these same auctions and then marked up.

If you know more or less what you are looking for in a used vehicle, to get started, call us at 720-810-3836, or send an email at Let us know what you want and how soon you need it, and then we can consider possible options for finding the car for you. Our goal is to get you what you want, at the lowest possible price, within a time frame that works for you.

Before we sell any used vehicle, we will have it inspected. You are welcome to have a mechanic look at the car as well.

As part of our service, we also offer an extended warranty at a reasonable price for just about any vehicle we sell. On a used car, an extended warranty can give you additional peace of mind.