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If you have a vehicle you would like to sell or trade in, we will get you the highest possible value for it. We work with several wholesale buyers, and we can contact as many as we need to until we believe we have obtained the highest price.

If you want to trade your car in, we will make all of the necessary arrangements to make your trade part of the transaction. We never have any additional charge for handling trade-ins.

If you are still trying to decide if you want to trade your car in, we can give you a preliminary estimate of its value by checking the auction reports to see what wholesale buyers are paying for similar vehicles. Auction reports are not available to the public, but we would be happy to tell you over the phone what your car should be worth as a trade-in.

Based on the auction estimates, you may choose to trade the car or sell it yourself.

Please note that we are also willing to buy your car at a trade-in price even if you do not buy another car from us.

We have provided links to the following sources so that you can try to estimate what your trade might be worth:

The problem with so-called "book" values is that they vary so much depending on which book you use.

It is also possible to check out various websites to find out what the advertised price range is for similar cars, such as:

You will usually get more for your car if you sell it yourself. Note that the asking prices on these sites generally do not reflect trade-in prices.

If you would rather trade your car in based on the estimated values from the auctions, the car will need to be evaluated. We offer two options. You may bring the car to us in the Tech Center area so that we can evaluate it, or you may inspect the car yourself using our evaluation form. Note that if we inspect the car, we will use the same form.

You can see the form and print it out for use by clicking on the following link: Trade-in Evaluation Form (PDF)

If you prefer to evaluate the car yourself, we can give you a firm price based on your evaluation as long as it is objective and accurate. Please understand that if we use your evaluation, our price will be subject to verifying that the car is in the condition stated on the form.